Saturday, 6 October 2007

A fresh start?!?

Song of the day: Cassis-ガゼット

So.. i guess a new blog means a new start? not likely. I'm 17 and I currently show 8 out of 10 depression symptoms and i'm slightly hyper at the same time. paradoxical, i know. Don't you find when you're just kinda lonely, your mood swings like a frickin' large pendulum? I guess it's just me.
I'm growing up, and i don't feel like i'm going with the flow. I still feel that everything is going wayy to fast for me. I seen my flaws and i'm trying to change for the better, under the pressure of my competition of time.

I'm not that great at writing down what i want and making sense of it. But not only do YOU have to deal with it, but I do as well. I am always grammatically imperfect. So you're just gona have to live with it. Like i am trying to.

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