Sunday, 18 November 2007

asian wedding parties

Song of the day: Mars theme by Vic Zhou

Asian Wedding receptions are amazing in the sense that there are 10 amazing courses. Ten delicious courses. I attended one of these parties tonight. It was at that cute restaurant near city airport: Yi-ban [一半]. Food was good, i knew some people. I didn't actually know WHO was getting married. In fact, i've never met them in my life, my dad has only seen their families probably once in his lifetime. All those people whose surnames were chung were divided into two families. Basically, my father's village is overrun with Chungs. Most of them my DISTANT relatives.

Apparently, i learnt that the groom was not even related to me, he was a close townsfolk in my dad's village. I even found out about cousins i didnt even know existed. Im not sure they are even cousins anymore since we are so distant in blood. it's probably really diluted. But what i find amazing is the fact that we were closely related to these families like brothers/sister/1st cousins a few hundred years back. And here we are, altogether on this present day.

it's pretty brilliant.

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