Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The [DREADFUL] bus journey home.

Song of the Day: World by Nightmare. [deathnote OP1]

ARRGHHHH. I hate buses *stabs model transport for london bus* [KEN LIVINGSTONE MUST DIE] I WAITED 40 MINUTES FOR A FRICKIN' BUS!! the timetable says it should come every 20 minutes. I guess the bus drivers are too DUMB to frickin' read the time. SEND THEM BACK TO PRESCHOOL. ARGHH. Oh... plus i got the added bonus of living in a district that only has one bus from town (where my school is) to where I live. To make matters worse, Because it didn't turn up 20 minutes earlier, the bus was full making it stuffy and loud. I got stuck next to a group of black students who happens to have voices like FOGHORNS.. I'm totally down with the whole attitude thing they've got going, BUT GIRL, you are talking to the guy sitting next to you.. they're not in China so, you don't have to speak extra loud. grrrr... i could have stabbed her. Right now, that deathnote book could REALLY come in useful.

Anyways, I'm so sorry about the rant. Just needed to release my anger at something. *stabs bus and random girl on the bus with a foghorn voice*

Aside from that, Hayley and I have agreed on a sushi bar name

YOSH! nosh.

ain't that goood? i absolutely love it.

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