Sunday, 11 November 2007

Oysters are not aphrodisiacs, they're poor man's food. XP

song of the day: Planet by Kra

Life just throws random shit at you, and thats what I hate the most. It's so Damn annoying, i don't need my head more fucked than it already is. Stupid boy trouble. GRRRR

Aside from that rant, i've been kinda lazy recently. I need to actually kick myself up the arse.
ARGHHH. Hikki's song- flavour of life always makes me feel tense for some reason..must me Hana yori dango symptoms. *NOO, YOU'RE STUPID TSUKASA, SAY YOU LOVE HER BAAKKA*

oops i'm derailing.

yeah, i really need to get a life. It's kinda depressing when all you do is take pictures of your self with the snazzy new distractive phone. (its shiny alright!!)

well, i should head off.


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