Tuesday, 13 November 2007


song: Zetsubou no Oka by Plastic tree

I need some new names for my upcoming sushi bar. It has to be original and innovative.

So far my list of name contenders are: the brackets show what they mean in english.

Wakame. [seaweed]
Ocha [Green Tea]
Kaiten! [conveyor belt sushi]
Ikura [Salmon Roe]
Take [Bamboo]
Tappuri [FULL]
YOSH! [turn the ! around makes yoshi which means okay, i like this one the best]
Sekai ichiban [world's best]

i personally love the name YOSH! it's modern, its cool and would appeal to uni students. PERFECT! i feel like my own marketing team now...

if anyone is reading, give me some more wonderful sushi bar names?

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