Saturday, 1 December 2007

The City is at War, a place among the Young and Rich

the song of the day: the city is at war: COBRA STARSHIP =]

Apparently, now, i'm not allowed to have my sushi bar name as YOSH! nosh. Cus it sounds too close to Yo! Sushi and that would probably have a lawsuit against me. So we gotta think it all again. Im NOT naming it WAKAME. that sounds stupid and its right in the middle of a uni district. IT'S NOT GONA GET ANY BUSINESS IF IT AIN'T CATCHY.

See, there are times like this, where i think i would make a brilliant marketing director. I mean- these chinese just have ABSOLUTELY no taste whatsoever. It irks me. >_<. WE need style, we need flair. We NEED to promote the modern japanese culture a bit more- not just with food cuz thats what people are interested in now- HARUJUKO/TOKYO/SHIBUYA/MUSIC. I think since greenwich is renowned for its markets, we should update it. stick some Jpop/Jrock in. Bright colours, selling students artwork. Work with the students. Work with people. Entice people, we next to frickin' JOY for gods sake. Like ultra indie/emo/vintage/urban outfitters type people walking in and out. now THAT IS OUR DEMOGRAPHIC. rough it up!

Apparently we need to make it classy. It's central greenwich- there is noodle time and saigon. They'll probably turn into those boring candlelit, wood-flooring cream wallpaper wannabe japanese traditional. TEDIOUS

BREAK AWAY. People want it to be hip and stylish THEN they won't mind splashing out dosh. I know.


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