Sunday, 16 December 2007

Festive Cheer and Mince Pies

Song of the day: That's what you get: Paramore

I need to revise
I need to xmas shop
I need to do my homework
I need to do that Goddamn essay
I don't have time for myself.
I don't have time at all
I don't have the confidence to believe in that everything's going to be alright.
I wish I could.

I don't feel festive at all. My chocolate advent calender lays 5 days uneaten.
I've spent all my earnings on christmas cheer. Yet, i don't feel so cheerful myself.
I feel skeptical about the stuff i've bought everyone. Am i too generous? Probably
I always am

I hope you guys all enjoy Xmas. it's gets so much more boring as each year passes.
Same old presents: chocolates and Money and clothes.
It's like an early chinese new year.
I don't feel very chinese.

On the happier note.
Xmas shopping with best friend= BEST DAY EVER. Thanks.

Just to end on my title: Festive cheer, Mince Pies and a whole lot of commercialised crap. Cheers.

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