Sunday, 27 January 2008


Song of the day: Guren: The Gazette
I can't get onto hotmail or myspace for 2 WHOLE days. And I gave up my computer in the exam period and I get THIS in return. I just want to have a weekend where I can surf the net with no TECH PROBLEMS. EEEEk it's just so DAMN annoying, *stabs Internet*

I have 8 emails to check, i don't care if it spam, i just want it to work again. I bet no one else is having this problem. ARGGH. to top it off, my windows messenger is also not working, i've tried all the sollutions they've given me, HECK, i've even uninstalled it and installed it AGAIN. ><
ARRGH. this is REALLY annoying.

And people are bugging me to go out, HOW CAN I GO OUT IN THIS STATE.
At least I can blog.

and i do have photoshop 7.0 which i must add is AMAZING

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