Thursday, 3 January 2008

Our NY resolutions.

I doubt they will be fulfilled. but here goes:

Hayley's NY resolutions, as compiled by Yinnie.
1. Get good enough grades to get into uni.
2. Spend money wisely on things to wear.
3. Spend more time with real friends and family.
4. Exercise and generally be more healthy.( yes, No more BK at work!)
5. Immerse in Uni activities. e.g: speak to people (not like it's difficult for you!), join clubs {what kinds were you thinking? ^_~} and WORK that arse off. [in the academic sense] [you're not fat]
6. Go to school more!
7. Don't spend so much time and money going out/ on alcohol/food[scratch that]
8. Embrace summer[food and fashion]
9.Don't get drunk so often.
10. Try not to spend so much time with random strangers.
11. Come round Yinnie's house more!!
12. [totally unrealistic!] TURN ASIAN, its who you are, deep down inside.

Yinnie's NY resolutions, by Hayley :).
1. Be more confident and love + appreciate thyself more
2. Stop idolizing unrealistically skinny/airbrushed models on the internet.
3. Korean/Japanese transsexuals are not the way forward for a productive love life, so stop fantasizing
4. Don't use the internet more than once every two days (oh no!blasphemy in the blogging world!)
5. Go out with Hayley to clubs and dance the night away
6. Appreciate natural beauty in the world. and alcohol and all its effects
7. Feel care free once in a while
8. Ignore the rents. they don't always know whats best for you
9. Never pose in the privacy of your own room. save it for the papparazzi or club photographers, they'l appreciate a good poser
10. Buy more japanese/korean clothes in your quest to be better than your average
11.LOVE UNI. its a new start, new life. enjoy missy :)
12. Rule the world.any way you can, one step at a time. the smallest gesture or smile to a complete stranger can make their day. so always smile and be your happy hyper self :D

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koaku aka Gael said...

LOOL great resolution...