Friday, 1 February 2008

Happy 26th Birthday Ruki-sama.

Song of the Day: SuperJunior-Twins[Knock out]

I fell in front of a bus yesterday. CLUMSY ME. and I totally bruised my Hip and my knee. It's really painful. O_O

Guess what?
It's RUKI's 26th Birthday today
The vocalist from Gazette. The one with the lovely deep voice.

To do:

  • Tempest essay
  • Wuthering heights/streetcar named Desire comparison essay
  • War synoptic essay
  • Microbiology sheets
  • stop going on the net everyday
  • Be more focused
  • Practice piano
  • Do music Theory
  • start music theory revision
  • Do 3-4 hours of work each night
  • less blogging, more work
  • hand in debts
  • Keep fit everynight. aim for 45minutes.
  • Plan biology coursework
  • Hamlet essay
  • Biology practice questions.

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