Sunday, 10 February 2008


Song of the Day: White Prayer: Alice Nine
No, I'm not Joking, Our dear Yamapi has posed risque shots for a women's magazine-ANAN.
I must say though, it's pretty hot.


Why are they always european/brazilian models? I guess japanese+japanese is just scandalous because the girl would be hunted down by mad fangirls and inevitably killed. The girl in the photo is from ukraine, and i think she looks a bit like Keira Knightly in the first shot. Yes/no?

Well at least Yamapi buffed up last year, otherwise, it wouldn't have been so hot.
I would post the other shots, but it'll probably violate photobucket's policies. so yeah. ^^

I'm feeling...sort of odd today, i had the weirdest most awful dream. I dreamt that tom cruise was an evil maniac with green eyeshadow and false lashes, who was determined to take my family business away. No one else could see that he wanted for his evil plans except me, i was completely hysterical, desperate for him to stop harassing us. And then, tom cruise turned into SHIWON from SUJU,[ must have been the eyeshadow, i tell you] and he wanted to take away my family business, and they sent heards of evil cronies and evil ladies that kept attacking our houses, and then, i turned into a butterfly. All i remember last was being completely hysterical and it turned into a fight of butteflies.....

I woke up after that, What a weird dream!! HAHAHA

Anyways, its our family CNY celebration today, lots food. However, i should be concentrating on my coursework which NEEDS TO BE IN THIS WEEK. EEEEKKK. the dilemma is, i keep avoiding my coursework, even though i know it needs to be done. >.<>

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