Saturday, 29 March 2008

EEEK, its finally open

So my family sushi bar is FINALLY open. after 2 years of renovation, it's a massive transformation. Amd they named it after my suggestion: itoshii

Haha, I'm going to be sick of sushi soon XP

I also went to see Ancafe on tuesday this week. OMIGOD they're SOOOO much better live. I'm not their biggest fan, but they were one of my first Jrock bands so they do mean something to me.
Anyways, the gig was amazing, minus the shrill horrid lolita shriekers next to me with deafening screams BEFORE ancafe came out, thus damaging my ears. At one point, my ears hurt so much, i wanted to break down and cry. Ancafe were AMAZIING THOUGH, miku is SUCH a crowd teaser. LOL. He also pulls off the leopard print shorts and pink mac, VERY well= MAN THIGHS, says Eve. ^^.

the rest of the band were just as amusing, Takuya always looked up at me, and smiled. I died a little inside LOL. i love being on the balcony too- less sweaty and they look at me more. well, takuya did. Poor lamb looked SOO tired. I just wanted to hug him and comfort him. Yuuki was AMAZING, the kids in the stalls did not see him and his crazy dance moves. HE WAS SOOOO AMAZING, I know, I'm such a Yuuki fan girl. Now i gotta go hunt through urban outfitters for Yuuki's neon orange glasses. >.<>

EEEKK. i want to go back, i had such an amazing time, i didn't want it to end. *sigh*

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Yuujirou said...

nee =DD
this one ish a sushi chef in training <333