Monday, 7 April 2008

56 ethnics, one china, one family

I honestly cannot believe the Olympic torch relay anti chinese protestors!!!And some of them are white and most of them aren't even aware of chinese history at all.
Tibet has been part of china for thousands od years, long before British took colonies, The american civil wars and the British takeover of the native australia. Tibet is part of china, and the chinese have done nothing to condemn them, the protests in lhasa were not instigated or followed up by the chinese.

If you idiots knew anything about china you would know that China is joined up by 7/8 kingdoms, with 56 ethnicities all living together in this part of the world. The yuan dynasty joined these all, a few thousand years ago, and it has been aptly named china [middle country] for years. If tibet were to leave, it ruins the whole idea joining china up in the first place. It was to stop civil wars breaking out between the kingdoms

So before you think about how the tibetans were treated, look at both sides of the story and history itself. You'd be surprise what you'd learn.

And finally, the Olympics, are not directly proportional to the politics of China, thats a stupid notion too. Olympics are of grecian descent, not chinese, before you attack that, look into the cultures. The olympics are for sport, its to show athletic skill, it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Tibet/China issues.

Please, feel free to pelt tomatoes at me, as many as you wish, but also remember that if you had any idea of the issues, please read up on history first. It would back up your argument a great deal. thanks.

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