Friday, 30 May 2008

Exams Hiatus and Dead internet.

♪ Video killed the radio Star~ The buggles
MY INTERNET DIED , can you believe it??? I guess it's pretty good at making me revise because i can't do anything else. Oh, wait, i have an odd additction to day time crime thrillers e.g: Dick Van Dyke's Diagnostic Murder, which has a brilliant MD--> DM switch over introduction, might i add. I'm also addicted to Murder ,she wrote [less so, but still...] my computer/myspace/facebook/blogger forgot my details I've only been gone 2 weeks. It's like alive and happy to see the back of me. I probably burned it out too much, I have rarely been on my computer since it died. That's pretty sad, I only need to PC to go on the net. That's so lacking productivity. hmmm... Is it a message from the computer god person computer system thingy?

lack of internet is still pretty sucky. I lost my ability to type really well. Le sigh.

I guess it's trying to prevent an EPIC fail in my A-levels. So it's good in a way.
I have become more productive. I'am now the NOTE TAKING QUEEN.
Yeah, i really need to get out more.

Oh, and i am strangely addicted to pokemon fire-red, the GBA game. I HAVE A MAGIKARP. [hoping it will be a GYRADOS pretty soon]
and why does my rival have better clothes than i do. That's so depressing
Oh, God, What a Sad person, I have become.
Pokemon, Crime thrillers and note taking.
Just many odd habits I Have picked up from my wonderful adventures away from the computer.

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