Wednesday, 4 June 2008

512 China earthquake.

Blood Donations and Money donations are welcome.

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Send to:
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Account name: 512 China Earthquake Appeal
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A/C number: 80566756
Cheque payable to: 512 China Earthquake Appeal

So, I haven't been on much recently.

But this blog is a tribute to all those missing or dead in the 512 Chinese earthquake in Sicuan.
It is a horrible event.
60,000+ dead and 10,000 still missing.
Beicuan, a school collapses during the afternoon, it is a high rise school building, it collapses with a school children inside. A mother screaming for her dead 15 year old son. She has no other children due to the ONE child policy. Children are orphaned.

Within a two or so hour, help arrives. relief workers work 24 hours. Many faint with fatigue. A woman who has lost her son, keeps owrking to forget the pain.

It was so hard to watch

and to all of you anti chinese bitches out there.
It is a natural disaster, not karma. China is trying to sort things out.
Yes, of course someone will be held accountable, but right now, it's not going to happen with many still missing.

Those of you who are crying about human rights and 'free tibet'.
Is conspiring against China now going to do you any good.
Stop to save your own credibility.
Right now, preparations for the olympics and rescue efforts in sicuan are FAR more important than politics.

I know human rights isn't politics, but the fact that you're saying China should have free press and free states are NOT basic human rights. Isn't getting FOOD, warmth, SHELTER, water to those homeless and poor more important.

Think before you act.

And calling for 'Free Tibet' before the olympics or solving your demands for supposed human rights is pulling at China's patience. I wouldn't want to be you when China's patience runs out.

So again, Think before you act.

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