Friday, 27 June 2008

Miyavi's london Gig.

♪ Boom Hah, Boom Hah Hah~ Miyavi + Kavki Boiz

I should be posting this in my other blog, but i'm waaay too lazy. =)
Anyways, back to business!
MIYAVI and his crew were SAIKO.
They rocked London, and left the crowd totally hungry for more.
I had an amazing time, danced, sang along and was undoubtedbly mesmerised by each and everyone of the band. Miyavi especially.
The individual focuses on Tyko, Saro and Teddyloid certainly gives Miyavi the edge. The music sounds SO much better live than on a cd/mp3 player. It lacks that quality that completes what miyavi is. The all round amazing performer.
Anyways, It was well worth the 7 hour wait, although my feet are still slightly dead from standing around so much. XD

Miyavi is SUCH a crowd teaser, seductively egging the audience on, hands down pants. Oh dear. LOL. I can't say i wasn't impressed. Miyavi is definately better looking in real life, no photoshopped. Saro, the tap dancer, his smile was SO infectious. It was kinda cute really.
ZOMG, rapper Tyko, reminded me of my brother. LOL. It was kinda freaky. XDD but cool.
Oh and teddyloid is SO going to be at my party. He is the ultimate DJ. and he's cute. LOL. I'm such a freakin' magpie.

I met so much nice people too.
A call out to Anh, Nepi, Jou, Ben, Eve and Ala. <3>

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