Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Relationship Rant -Vol. 1

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So girls, tell me how many of you have felt uncomfortable when you're significant other is with another girl, alot more than you are. I decided to start this series of articles concerning relationships because of some events that are happenening around me, to someone close to me, caused by another that is close to me. At the same time, I've been in the same position before. Therefore, there is an element of Deja Vu that is spurring me on to write this article at 2AM.

So imagine yourself in a position, in which you are in a relationship, and in that circumstance, you tend to meet some new people, new friends. What if one of the friends attached herself to your man but she has NO intention to date him. it has never crossed her mind. Yet she is still with him more than you, under REALLY unusual events. She acts like she's his other half, but you are actually and it is becoming increasingly irritating. Many women, in this situation, the ones that are facing a 'friend' that is like this are helpless. They are unable to voice their true feelings and are stuck in this own twisted warp of imagination. They don't want to feel like that, but they do, because obviously, feelings cannot be turned on and off. They just sit on the sidelines and watch the events unfold, and if they do speak out, they in turn are branded PARANOID BITCH, because obviously nothing is happening between the two. However, if we lok at it logically, there IS something odd between the two male and female friends. It makes the relationships around them almost impossible to bear. The woman on the sidelines has no choice but to let it unfold. Even if it is unromantic involvement, it could still wreck a relationship, or worse, a marriage.

Therefore we are led to question why are some women unaware of such feelings that they are causing to their female friend. Why does she pursue in such insensitive antics? Even if it is unromantic, I'm sure you do not disrupt that person AT WORK, behind their female half's back. It just seems so sneaky, low classed and insensitive. I understand that there are many women in the world, but surely, in this recently personal case that by 30 years of age, you, as a woman would have experiance discomfort yourself in a relationship. It is certainly UNACCEPTABLE to disrupt some people's relationship just for the sake of friendship, a friendship that has been a month at the most. To attach yourself in such a way, iun an unromantic way, plays with other female's minds. Yes, women are paranoid, AND it cannot be helped, so instead of understanding warped stuck helpless women to be paranoid, you decided that it would be best to encourage it?

What kind of person are you?
Why can you not see that others may be hurt by some things you do.
It's a lot like driving, you're not driving safely, for yourself, but for others. Hence the mirror checks, to check that you are considering other people.

It's a shame that you don't consider people's feelings, and I do hope you get a taste of your own medication.

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