Sunday, 22 June 2008

The restaurant rant.VOL 2.

♪ News from the Front, Bad Religion

We employ you, you don't order ME around.
You fuck about with me. YOU'RE FUCKING FIRED.
I am pretty much 'Daddy's Princess'.
so fuck with me, and YOU'RE DOWN. and guess what; YOU ARE.

I asked you to deliver something for me.
You can't choose where to deliver to and which ones you want to deliver.
It's a delivery service. There is no choice.
Customers wants their food, OR WE'LL GET SHIT FROM THEM
It's how Business works.
I asked you to do a 'food delivery
I'm NOT asking you to tie your dick to a fucking lamp-post.
But right now, Seeing you in pain would make me feel SO much better.

AND YOUU, The one who LIES in their interview,
and is COMPLETELY oblivious to the position you applied for.
You lie about your qualifications and your experiance.
What is the point, when we're going to find out anyways, and its going to make you look bad?
You lie, you lose the job.

But the thing is, it takes alot of searching to find the right people.
there's not enough
we're like short staffed.
It's well annoying
At the moment, I really just want to take the place in my arms and refurbish it and change the concept of presentation and food a little.

Maybe, it could be a project, after a degree.
However, one also realises that with chinese restaurants, there is no way to go.
Service needs to be fast, cuz it seems the customers have really short fuses.
Why do we attract such people

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