Saturday, 14 June 2008

Damaged Legs

♪ I don't care, F.I.R

EEEEEEeeeeee! i haven't blogged for YEAARSS. well, weeks. I've been soo busy with exams, and they're SOO depressing. I probably failed all of them LOL.
I do wish i'll pass though. ^^ .

In true A9 fashion, i'm really craving for a mocha frapp. I really want one. and i also want them to release rainbows soon and go on a european tour.

We went to the Pub for kayleigh's 18th yesterday. [we=Laura, pam, hayley, jade,katie, and I] It was pretty chilled, we danced a bit, had some drinks, some got DRUNK. LOL. It was a good party. AND I GOT SERVED DRINKS. And that silly drunk dude that leaned over katie and I. Now that was funny. He was slightly out of it. I had 2 x malibu and Cokes- YUMYUM.

And I cut my legs shaving this morning. =( Now they're fugly.

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