Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Car-ream Soda (^_~)v

Bye bye~ SS501

It's tuesday today~~
I spent the day redoing the wine list for the restaurant and watching a taiwanese drama. It's called Brown Sugar macchiato and it's cute name ne?
I think so. xP

The icon today, reminds me of my weekend s
hopping. I hopped up to london last saturday. Shopping with Jeanne. Before she runs off to China and leaves me in for the whole summer *glares*. [ Love you really~] Anyways, I BOUGHT PUCCHO sweets, which i haven't bought for ages. and it's the car-ream soda flavour XD. I love J-Engrish.

Anyways, i decided to dedi
cate my blog to Nao A9 today. With LOTS of Piccu Spam~

Dayy trip ^^

On the train

stuff ^^V
~Mango Gummy, Pocket Coffee, Puccho cream soda sweets, Short Shorts xP, After dark novel, Bleach 7 Manga, Glamour Mag

At Work
This reminded me of the Tv show 'reaper' LOL

Tempting alcohol. LOL. Malibu and Coke. mmm~

I'm SOOO craving a MOCHA frappuccino right now.
Yes, I know, there are like THOUSANDS of calories =_=

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carry? said...

MALIBU *___*
i want one nowwwwwww
-checks the bar in the kitchen-
x.x no more malibu XD i think somebody drank it all >_<'