Saturday, 12 July 2008

My obsession with BATTLE shinhwa.

♪ peach~ Ai Otsuka

Those of you who have read my blog may have noticed, my current obsession with Kpop, Battle shinhwa in particular. Their song 'step by step' is soooo CATCHY, it's great =). I thought they looked alright, well, ryu and chris really, but in actual fact, if you put battle shinhwa on google, all the images of them are kinda ugly....
it's kinda disturbing, XDD

Anyways, I'm bored, here's my shopping list for HK, korea and malaysia
I'm intending to blow £400. =D

  • Shiseido Makeup
  • Shiseido Skincare
  • Issey Miyake perfume
  • Lime green DS lite
  • clothes
  • bags
  • anime merch
  • food
  • magazines
  • jewellery
  • digital camera
  • CDs
  • VCD's
  • posters
my, my, I don't think i'll get it all. I need MO-MONEY. XDD

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