Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Political rantings

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I should really stop these blog, but some articles surrounding the upcoming Olympics in China and the 'Tibet issue' really really RILES me up. It makes my blood boil to see such sinophobic remarks everywhere in the press around us. They claim to 'understand us' and then cut us down after they say 'i have nothing against chinese people' and then the fucking hypocrites spews out some sinophobic, unacceptable comment, such as

The particular problem when it comes to China is this: when the western media reports on difficult subjects, many people here accuse us of being out to demonise and humiliate their country.'
~James Reynolds.

Well, Mr. Idon'tgiveafuckwhoyouare. reynolds, have you ever contemplated on the fact that maybe your sinophobic and biased remarks about China in articles such as 'crunch down', 'resolutely crush' could be the reason why you're unpopular. That you're supposed understanding of China gives you the right to JUDGE the country? Frankly, I'm surprised that, if you are living in Beijing, you are still alive, and i sincerely hope you stay out of the way of people who disagree with your bashing China views.

Furthermore, for those who have the naive idea of, 'the dalai lama must be good because he's got a nobel prize and all leading politicians want to meet him' Let's get this straight my darlings, the dalai lama is not a politician, those who are in power, who do look up to him, are freaking suck ups who will suck up to anything that has a Nobel prize. so he says he wants peace? So Miss America always says that, 'i want world peace' why not give her the nobel freakin' prize?

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