Friday, 12 September 2008

Collegebound Student. =D

♪ Flux~Bloc party

Collegebound and in a party mood and having a lucky
week. Thats the life eh? I wish. But it really did happen!
I got through my A levels and passed, straight into my first choice. Here I come, University of Kent. 1 A and 2 C'S which isn't bad considering i had CCCEEE for AS level. I'd say thats quite lucky. Of course a part of me, regrets not working so ahrd in year 12, but i enjoyed sixth form. 7 years are finally over. *sigh* we spend so much time trying to get out but once you reach the point of no return, you want to return back to that old self. (I've been listening to
alot of Yimura lately, and it gets me really wistful!)

Anyways, I've had a good week, i've been approached for a free haircut by a professional salon, which is really surprising. ^^ I can't wait, and i got a free professional photoshoot, which i'm not too sure about. I might cancel. It's too much PLUS uni life. ANNNND there are purikura shops in london which im totally obsessing about recently. Like the cute japanese ones. <3>

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