Monday, 15 September 2008

Korean food. SEOUL VS LONDON

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I went out to try a relatively new korean restaurant in Piccadilly today, it was quite cheap as well. [according to my cousin, who usually goes to places like New Malden and Holborn to eat Korean food] We ordered, a meat platter for bbq and a side, a meat BiBimbap and some drinks and it all came to just under £50 for 4 people. thats not bad. like £15 per person. (y) As my previous blogs have stated, I travelled to Seoul, South Korea this year for my holidays. Unfortunately, we followed a rather rubbish tour that took us to eat 'traditional' korean food, us
ually the ones run onyl by families. Personally I find what i ate today in London, was much tastier than what i had tried in korea.

The food presented was mainly hotpots and bbq's in cramped
tiny somewhat cute restaurant-diner like things. The food, ranged from spicy and bland. Every meal included Seaweed soup, Kimchi, Pickled radish, Beansprout salad and pork meat. BUT that was all we had, PORK MEAT EVERY DAY. Recently the Koreans have banned their meain meat imports from USA and hence, meat was now very expensive. I'm guessing they don't have much cows, because the ideology that Koreans eat alot of beef is WRONG WRONG WRONG. They only ever eat it at new years, or chuseok.[mid autumn festival] Therefore, for me, the meat was quite bland. But then again, i have to say, that maybe it was me, my western ideology for seasoned meats have overtaken my part of the brain that allowed me to think and taste more openly. However, I did try foods i never tried before, like ginseng chicken. Except, the disappointment in that is that i got a tiny meagre piece of ginseng with that chicken and its broth. I felt quite sad. So, for me, Seoul's Korean food got a mixed reaction from me.

I've been to two korean restaurants in London, One in the centre and one in Zone 4, New Malden, South West London, near thorpe park, believe it or not! The food i tried here was much tastier and much more well seasoned and spicier then what i ate in Korea. 'korean kitchen' provided a selection of meats- beef, pork AND chicken in different forms. But i have to take into account that its more readily available here, at a cheaper price. So if korea had a larger selection of meats, would it be better? I can't wait to try Korean food in the future, when i visit again. [I totally want to see the gorgeous chosun palaces and be reminded of 'goong']

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Anonymous said...

Hi, am new to your blog. I encountered the same crap when I went to Korea on a packaged tour. It's probably the shit travel agents and most places that we were brought to weren't even run by Koreans, but mainland Chinese!!! I have nothing against Chinese - am one. But I dont pay thousand to go there and get served crap!!! that aside, the skindfood and face shop shopping was absolutely fab!!!