Monday, 3 November 2008


talons-Bloc party

I'm pissed off at a certain situation at the moment.
but mainly I'm pissed off at my self for being such a bitch, and making things awkward. But I can't seem to help make things awkward, thats who I am. Not to mention I was also pretty out of it [due to influence of alcohol.] But I don't understand him. I know hes trying to make sure I'm okay when I'm completely gone, but only calling me when I'm drunk. I feel sort of taken advantage of, like part of me thinks he's trying to get the supposed 'honest' answer I didn't give him.

To be completely honest, I didn't really like him enough to date him, and I'm not the right person to date now anyways, I'm too judgemental, bitchy, indecisive and just generally, my independence is what I love right now. I'm not giving that up. no way! Not now. I'm just really enjoying being 'me.' I'm trying to find my feet, take advantage of every selfish oppurtunity I'm given. You can't penalise me for that. I'm 18.

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