Saturday, 8 November 2008

Jdrama: Bloody Monday

TPL- Anyband


I finally watched a drama with no johnnies in. THATS A FREAKING MIRACLE. LOL. Not that i hate johnnies, but they are so overhyped. The young dude in this are from AMUSE agency: Takeru Sato, and Miur
a Haruma, who i must say are pretty cute. Bloody Monday, the drama itself, well i havent seen anything this suspenseful since LIAR GAME. and Matsuda Shota was stellar in that. Haruma, has really improved from the 14 sai no haha days. I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to his acting. =D The drama has a stellar plot, one that is mixed with both Death note and LIAR GAME. I've only watched the first episode and it's a goodie. =D

Man spam~<3
Miura Haruma- the beautiful pretty boy

Loving the last pic. I like a guy in a tux. <3

Sato Takeru-the adorable dork. Kinda reminds me of one of the D-boys.

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