Monday, 10 November 2008

My beef with L & R

Adrienne~ The calling.

L&R- Love and relationships.

I don't hate Love and Relationships, but I seem to come across as hard to get or not interested, which is perfectly how I want it to be. I DON'T want it. Yes, I watch chick flicks and romcoms but I don't want it. It just makes me feel good, to smile and have a good cry at nice plotlines.

My beef with Love and Relationships is that it's overhyped. It's talked about at least once a day,[ not that i don't like talking about it, I enjoy a good conversation with my best friend for hours about guys and relationships], I'm just saying that it's not all that. It's everywhere, in forums, chats, normal day life. Because it is normal day life, but I'm trying to get at the point in which the people who give out information, are hypocritical. They probably haven't had that experiance. I'm hypocritical. Thats my beef with it, it just draws out the weird gossipy traits we have.

I can't believe i'm sitting here and blogging when I should have an essay i should be getting on with. =P

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Nan, ナン said...

Fair enough. xD U'll get ur reply right here then<3
EEEK! Thanks! It finally lets me pet it. >_<'' Before it was like ''eeeek go away''-ish. Now it likes me back! Yayness. xD Haha
Aww I had a spammer too. I just deleted the messages and banned the IPs. xD mwahaha

Linda said...

followed your blog over from Soompi, so, nice to meet you (:
lol, blogging when an essay is due happens to the best of us.