Sunday, 16 November 2008

My brain has turned to lasagna

haruharu~ Big bang

I feel like i have alot of free time at the moment, but i know it won't last. I have like 7 assignments/essays in on the 19th december which I am not looking forward to. >.>

Anyways, feel really light headed today, maybe cuz I only had 6 hours sleep last night xD oh well. Last night's party was pretty dead. >.> I though nicket was where it all happened. Siigh EPIC FAIL. I've also met loadsa new people too recently, I LOVE UNI. haha. Sometimes i don't want to go home, : I love my room, freedom, party life, my subject, the people, cooking, actually having time and space to hear what i'm thinking. I still love home, but i'm so so enjoying it at uni even if i haven't found that any close close friends. =D

God, you must think I'm so boring, all i talk about it uni.
But uni is good, it gets your alcohol tolerance up ~_^ Haha. I can now drink 7+ drinks,, and then i'm sick. IM HARDCORE ASIAN 'YO. I really should stop doing the mock gangster talk. OH, it does make me laugh.

I demand a gdragon NOW. He's a cutie. Y'know i said like a few months before that Big bang were ugly, well, they're growing on me. T.O.P is still an ass though. daesung isn't the greatest looking but he HAS THE SMILE OF THE SUNSHINE. I <3>

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