Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Parents <3

Ooh La La ~ SNSDFlip back to when you were an angsty thirteen year old and you were screaming at your parents for 'not understanding you.' those hormones that raged and raged and raged inside of you. I realise now that parents are probably the most understanding individuals you will ever meet in your lifetime. They put up with you on bad days as well and good days, they take it all. I aspire to be like my parents, every hypocritical loving inch of them.

I will forever remember how my mum suddenly bought me an ipod out of the blue, or just recently, my dad driving all the way down to uni at 11 at night because I left something important at home. I enjoy the good times too, when my mother and I went on a caffeine fix in south Korea at mcdonalds and were the last people to get on the coach because we sat in mcdonalds and watched the world pass us by. As a thirteen year old, you never realise how much shit you put them through. and you forget the good times.

Thank you Mum and Dad.


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Nan, ナン said...

WTH?! O_O are they rude to you?

I think the only rude one is Kymmy. She's an evil bitch. I dunno wtf her problem is but we're all kinda sick of it.