Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Fix you ~ Coldplay.

I wish Coldplay could fix me. I'm so empty at the moment. I just became a victim of my own stupidity: Card fraud. I left my purse in the taxi and all my cards are gone. >.<>

Why the fuck did i go out last night?

2 Golden Nuggets:

Nan, ナン said...

First of all! SHIT! U lost ur cards?! T_T; nowiesss! Better go block 'em down at the bank them!

Anyway, I didn't realize that Lyna did that. O_O; I know Kymmy's a big bitch. Who's that Holy Moly!-person anyway? >_<;; Argh. I dun give a shit. I'm just there for the cute guys, free downloads and awesome spam-section! XD

Nan, ナン said...

Aww hunnie. Dun worry about it. xD

Lyna is undercover as 'Holy Moly!'?!?! O____O;;