Friday, 12 December 2008

Crimbo is so '05

Beautiful Life (ft. Big Momma)~ MC MONG.

honestly, I just saw someone's photo album on facebook-pre crimbo.
Who the frack uses the word crimbo anymore. It's just chavvy and... well I just shrivel up and die whenever anyone says it. It's Christ-mas, 2 SYLLABLES, much like crim-bo.
Gaah, I think i'm totally PMSing recently cuz im like uber bitchy. But meh. DEAL WITH IT.
But i think i'm happy now, MC Mong always always makes me happy. =D

Oh and my arms totally died today from carrying 5 library books back from the library[well, duh..], who knew film history was such a heavy subject. I totally need to go into town, my fridge is LIKE EMPTY. >.>

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