Monday, 8 December 2008

feng shui =BULLSHIT


I'm in the sarcastic mood tonight thank to Jimmy carr, whom i saw live today at brixton. =D He was so funny, my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much.

anyways back to todays topic: feng shui, the art of chinese locating and designing.
let's set this straight: whoever made this shiz up is seriously spasticated.
My dad recently went to one to check out his business and guess what the feng shui 'master' said to him, 'you and your wife should not work together' WELL DUUUUH. thats common sense, i could've told him that. >.<
oh and he told him not to have too many plants in the restaurant, so my dad chucked all my mum's plants away [she was livid], WHAT A SPAZ OF A MASTER, plants =oxygen. obviously necessary. >.<.

i can't believe my dad forked out money on that spasticated retarded crap.

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