Friday, 26 December 2008


Merry go round ~ SNSD

Merry christmas, well its past now.
Christmas is a time for presents
Im not into religion.

I got:
Revlon hairdryer set
Babyliss Curling tongs [Nan reckons it looks like a dildo, it kinda does look like a rampant rabbit O_O]
Revlon Makeup bag
The Mighty Boosh Complete boxset [all 4 above are from my loving family]
A Madhouse 'alcoholic' tee [thanks Jamie]
A bunch of girly goodies [Marisa]
£80 cash [Mum and Dad]
Ted Baker perfume/body wash set [Aunty]
A cream scarf [Alex/secret santa]

and I'm hoping to get a whole bunch of shit from the january sales. =D

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