Saturday, 13 December 2008


Eat you up~BoA Kwon

I eat when i'm cold. This is the sole reason i hate winter, I totally put on that extra weight. I love food, but honestly, it does me NO GOOD AT ALL. >.<. I mean, Dude, does it have to go to me waistline? I need to do some exercise, I saw an 8 minute ab workout on youtube, might try that out, or even go to try the gym which is like 5 minutes walk. *siiigh* if only my buttcheeks would move itself off the seat. I've been feeling really bitchy and paranoid recently, like i was supposed to go out with my friends last night to go drinking. I stepped out of the flat and that frigging cold air just totally HIT me in the face, and my legs nearly gave way and i was like, I can't do this, I just can't go out. So I ended up walking back to the flat and just sat in front of my computer and tried to do my essays. I didn't get that done either >.<>

and why did no one tell me that there were such HOT ASS GUYS working at the post office?
Thank god for Yara, and Nanny who live in different countries. =D

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