Thursday, 22 January 2009


Will you teach your children to speak/read/write chinese?

I love these questions, ever so thought provoking but lead to a mass answers of 'yes' just to stop anyone calling them whitewashed.

I'm pretty torn about this subject, I grew up hating chinese school, hated the work, hated the teachers, never actually got on with my classmates. That was a pretty traumatic time. and i wouldn't want anyone to go through that [either that, or i was just an angry child!]

I'd like to teach them, but with my knowledge of chinese, its not likely to happen.
'Losing ones heritage' seems like bit of a harsh statement...Like I Know most of my traditions, adhere to them most of the time, and understand about 90% of my [chinese] culture, so even if i speak english all the time, doesn't necessarily mean i have lost my heritage. If someone asks me a question about my heritage, i can easily answer them.

i'm just not very comfortable with my warped chinese.
So Yep, I'm still torn about whether or not to teach my future generation chinese...

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