Saturday, 17 January 2009


GAAAH, I hate the internet, and glamour magazines.
I just want soo MUCH STUFF.
i want vivi and ray mag especially. But no where sells it, NOT EVEN ON THE INTERNET.

here it is, Wishlist 1 [no doubt there will be many this year!] 2009

-Latest issue of Glamour magazine
-A stack of Vivi, Ray, Mina, Jessica magazines.
-wigs, cuz i'm too damn lazy to go cut my hair. [my mum thinks this is a great idea- she can't stand me doing shit to my hair.
-Gee single~ SNSD
-my hair dyed a lighter colour
-Longer nails
-a smaller cake tin

I've given in the the gwyneth paltrow trend, oversized blazars. <3


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