Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Blindly optimistic

Haha. I think I picture spammed my blog enough in the past week.
I'm not very serious in my blogging, I don't have alot of comtemplative's kinda blank most of the time. hahaha. Oh, and my driving instructor thinks I'm blindly optimistic too, which is a good thing, because I never really get fazed or anything when something bad happens. I totally laugh it off, and it happens again and again because I think I'm not gona get killed. See, blindly optimistic. Again, I just have a laugh in aerobics because i KNOW i look silly and probably doing the moves all wrong, but its not like anyone cares if i do it wrong. It's just wrong. end of story.

This is the reason why i get bad weeks, whereas people get bad days when a little thing goes wrong, little things don't affect me, but when it builds up over the week, I get a little..okay..alot pissy. I'm quite rightly allowed to do so, otherwise, I wouldn't call myself human.

It's not that I rather be plagued with thoughts, but most of the time, My imagination kinda...runs away with itself so it gets to the point where I imagine waayy too much, leaving me cut apart from reality. or I just sit there and my mind is totally blank. So not helpful when you're trying to write an essay on gender history and what ifs.

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