Wednesday, 11 February 2009



There is something quite indulgent about shopping in the fruit and veg section, even if it is in a supermarket. Even more so when its an open air market featuring local produce. Sifting through piles of fruit and veg to see which one is nicer...95% of the time, we don't really know unless its painfully obvious. Most of us do it because there is a quiet elegance about knowing which is a good fruit/veg. I know I do it. I don't give a damn if people think I'm crazy.

I've indulged far too much this term, like i stated before, with internet shopping-once i pop, i never stop. Oh yes. Ode to the pringles advert. But i do love my indulgences, even if it is materialistic. It makes me warm and gooey inside[metaphorically of course.] Its not even an adrenaline rush, just happy endorphins released, like chocolate. Of course, too much indulgences could easily mean you're spoilt, in many people's eyes, but I'm talking about simple indulgences, like a long lie in in the weekends, or fruit and veg shopping or even submerging yourself with a hot cup of tea and a good drama. Indulgences make the world go round.

This is possibly the most eloquent post I will ever post [minus a few grammar flaws which i will not change because i'm too darn lazy] I think it's something to do with reading Nigel Slater before i go to sleep because his food books make it looks like everyday food can be an indulgence. He certainly is a good writer.

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