Monday, 2 February 2009


Circus~Britney Spears

Internet shopping, like Pringles-
Once you pop, you can't stop!
I have pre-ordered Tablo's 'Pieces of you' in the limited edition english format.
I can't wait. BUT WHY THE FUCK WAS THE SHIPPING £9 MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE BOOK? WTFFF? Ripped off. But it's epik high AND limited edition. I couldn't resist myself.
After I pre-ordered that, I now had enough confidence to browse

I bought
-instant miso soup
-2 types of curry mix

I wanted to buy more, but that was already £8 *sigh* and plus delivery charge was £11. ripped off yet again. WHY DO I GO ON BAD WEBSITES. >.<. I wanted a RAY magazine too but seriously £11 for a magazine. SHOOT ME.

Oh, and i finally worked out how to do i need to set up the bank account part....

p.s: I think picture-spammed wayy too much this past week. XD

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