Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A loooonng blog post

Just Dance~Lady Gaga

It's been one of those fairly uneventful weeks, and I'm not really used to getting up so very early for 5 days a week. I hate getting up early in general, because a)I get less sleep and I totally ♥ my sleep. and b) The day is longer. My mother told me that if the day is longer you get more things done. Yeah, right, Mother, if you're proactive that is. But I find if I wake up earlier, I eat a whole lot more than usual. I miss my old timetable, where all my days were late days and that means I won't eat alot. Im so getting fatter this term. -Le sigh-

I just got off a very long phonecall from my best friend, Jeanne, I do love those phonecalls, we can spend 2 hours just chatting and laughing away at current, past and hopeful future plans. I totally want to go to her summer ball at cambridge uni [yeah! get me a rich seobang[Husband!] Just kidding] but the ball tickets are £125. Seriously, I can't afford it, but the invite is promising in events, with fireworks, all you can eat buffet including the best foods in england like OYSTERS. [even though i can get cheap oysters 15 minutes away in whitstable] It'll be nice to live the HYD rich life. Maybe I'll see a tsukasa lookalike character. *giggles* I totally watch too many dramas.

Secondly, I really want to go because we haven't experianced these 'prom like' things together as best friends before. We talk about love and guys way too much. XD There's always those times where we just reminisce on our 13 year old hearts, even though that was 5/6 years ago.

I really miss my best friend.

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