Monday, 9 March 2009

The body Shop Haul

Yes, I've been buying so much recently, BUT my mother bought it for me this time. =D
Yay for mothers. [Should do a mothers day post soon xP]
Anyways, We got a free bag of freebies this time. and i also applied for a 10% off discount card. ANNNDDD if any of you want to go a 20% off day, LOOK NO FURTHER. Thursday 19th March [one day before my birthday] will be holding a EVERYTHING is 20% OFF day. [Birthday Spree anyone?]

What I bought
-Vitamin E facial cleanser
-Vitamin E Facial Toner
-Vitamin E Tinted moisturiser
[I heard it magically removed blackheads]

-Body Shop cream clutch
-£5 off voucher
-Divinely calm shower gel
-Hi-shine lip treatment gloss
-Vitamin E moisture cream
-Strawberry Body butter

So I was home for the weekend, and i rummuged through my makeup drawers and I found a BRAND SPANKING NEW LIP PALETTE! It's by a malaysian brand called Beautilicious, if i recall correctly, it was a gift from a family friend when i visited Malaysia last year. So it comes in 8 colours. and my next post will be a review on the product. ^^

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