Thursday, 5 March 2009

epistick REVIEW

Epistick review,

I also got this appliance from angeland. [like the black shiseido masks!]
and recommended from soompi.
And thought i'd review it!

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Comments: Before i got my friend to thread all my unwanted facial hair off, I had loads and it wasn't conveniant for my friend who studied law to thread regularly. so i bought this epistick. Its good for your cheek, upper lip and upper eyebrow. It plucks off most of the unwanted hair. But it does have some disadvantages, like, it doesnt pull it all off, you have to go back about 4 times to get it all off. and it's rubbish at doing the side of your lips, I resorted to tweezers to get the rest off.

Tips: if you have sensitive skin, DO NOT DO THIS BEFORE YOU GO OUT. it will be a little red and inflamed if you're sensitive like me. [if that happens, leave it for an hour or put tea tree oil on it [or unless you're like me and is allergic to tea tree]]

{sorry for my no makeup horrible face]

start off with clean face

bend epistick

Twist in opposite directions

Pull hairs

Repeat x however much it takes to get hairs off

Tidy with tweezer

2 Golden Nuggets:

Ahleessa said...

I saw your blog link on your comment in the Soompi forum. I decided to check it out... hehe~

I agree with the Epistick repeating the process to get all the hair, but I'm just happy it works on... hehe~

Az said...

i do have this kinda stringy long pen, i really don't know what it use for, since i saw your blog and this post, now i am thinking to do that... thanks gurl ;)