Thursday, 5 March 2009


Its my birthday in 3 weeks. On the 20th March.
I'm not that psyched about it. but i have a MAHOOOOSIVE wish list of stuff that i want, and probably will never get.

So here it is

Health + Beauty
+M.A.C makeup brushes [or any pro brushes for sure]
+Short hair wig
+Light brown hair wig
+Face masks
+M.A.C palette set?
+Lunasol Palettes
+Nude Lipgloss/stick.
+Nurofen painkillers [ im so running out]
+SKINFOOD mushroom BB cream [cuz im running out too]
+to grow longer nails

+Epik High's new album
+More clothes. Cuz im a clothes whore
+OVER THE KNEE socks. [I saw someone selling it on soompi]
+More money cuz i totally need to save for HK this year.
+BOA BEST AND US album. [Im so digging I did it for love right now]
+Russell Peters Red Blue and Brown DVD.

PLUS, I Can't wait for my wongfuproductions package to come through
and allkpop's prize parcel. =D

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