Saturday, 7 March 2009

Mini Shiseido Haul

My aunt recently went to Hong Kong and i asked her to go buy me some much needed essentials that i use [it's cheaper over there and i gave her money to buy it-i'm not spoilt xP]

I'm a little disappointed with myself because, the ditz that i am, forgot to ask her to buy the freakin' cleanser.
So i've just bought softener/toner and 2 moisturisers. harhar

-Shiseido Hydro balancing softener
-Shiseido Night moisture recharge
-Shiseido Day moisturiser.
(all from THE SKINCARE range)


Oh yes, and new fake nails cuz i got bored the other day.
My nails are so small so i could only get the petite ones and the only ones available were the broadwat french manicure ones. cute though. But it's the 3rd day and most of the LH nails have fallen off and im too lazy to stick them back on again. But then again, i didnt really expect much from drugstore nails


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