Wednesday, 11 March 2009

What I'm currently using [TAG]

I got bored, and was flicking through the beauty blogs and came across this. SO FOR EVERYONE WHO READS THIS- YOU'RE FREAKING TAGGED.


Shampoo: Herbal Essences-[i don't know what flavour-i know its got grapefruit and smells delicious]

Conditioner: Herbal essences for normal hair

Styling products: VO5 detangling heat protection spray, I only use this sparingly on my hair because my hair is naturally straight anyways.

Hair mask: -


Shower gel: Johnsons 2 in 1 moisturising shower gel. I love johnsons, reminds me of what i used when i was a kid, but the packaging and smell is much more grown up hahaha

Body moisturiser: The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, [i have a grapefruit one too]- they smell so goddamn heavenly.

Deodorant - Dove Greentea deodorent

Fake tan: doesn't apply, but i have used those sun-kissed moisturisers before- it was horrid, it just went stupidly patchy.


Cleanser: I'm nearly running out of my shiseido the skincare extra gentle cleanser, I'm gona try The Body shop Vit-E cleanser.[pretty pink bottle] and i have TONS of dhc mild soap samples that i occasionally use.

Eye makeup remover: extra virgin olive oil, or simple moisturising cleansing lotion

Exfoliator -Dermologica microexfoliant


Primer:Either Skinfood Mushroom BB cream, or Boots No7 Green based primer

Foundation: [liquid]Shiseido Dual balancing foundation-Pale ivory

Foundation brush: fingers, I can't afford brushes T^T £10 for a foundation brush in the body shop, I can't even begin to think about m.a.c ones.

Concealer: Rimmel London Clear Complexion cover stick in sand

Powder: Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed powder in Peach Glow

Blusher: Shiseido Maquillage

Bronzer: Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze

Highlighter: white eyeshadow or my concealer stick haha. How cheap.

Eyeshadow base:-

Eyeshadows: Loads of color palette ones and a beautilicious palette and a few collection 2000 shadows. I want so buy some body shop shadows and barryM dazzle pots

Eyeliner:Barry M Liquid liner in black, shiseido kohl liner, rimmel london white liner

Eyelash curler: Eyelash curlers from watsons

Eyelash base: uh. pass.

Mascara: Missha Super volume absolute black

Lipstick: Missha slim lipstick in PK502

Lipgloss: The body shop hi shine lipgloss

Nail colour: -pass-

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