Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Restaurant Rant

Love Lockdown~Kanye West

I miss these old posts of mine, My blog used to be an outlet for my frustrations from my regular saturday job at my dad's restaurant. I still work there occasionally, not as often but once again there are some things that ABSOLUTELY GRATE my nerves. Like HORRENDOUSLY, and its either the staff or the customers. I mainly talked about yhr staff for my last restaurant rants as they all seem to revolve around a certain psychotic staff member. But today, the topic is customers.

Customers are amazing, they give us money for serving them food right? WRONG, 70% of people are good customers, the rest can be divided into: 20% bad customers, 10% PURE EVIL customers. For chinese restaurants, they always seem to get alot of the undesirable 30% customers. I guess we're quite easy to push around-I don't know, thats my theory.

At this current point in time, my family hold a eat as much as you want menu, meaning you can order off whatever off the menu for a fixed price. There are some customers that don't understand the meaning of NOT BEING WASTEFUL. For example, one set of customers we've encountered demanded we give them extra large portions for their course, claiming that they didn't want to order things are different times otherwise some food will be cold. When we didn't do it, they kicked up an ABSOLUTE ruckus, because we only served them a portion fit for however many on the table, this was to prevent wasted food. But no, they demanded a fucking refund for their meal because of this tiny little thing, we explained that as a BUSINESS, we need to think of how we can stetch costs, and for a little restaurant serving this type of menu, we can only serve x number of portions [x being number of people on the table] besides, you can order again, and again. To cook it all in one go is wastefulness. They refused to pay, they got blacklisted. I hate these types of customers, everyone does [the customer on the other table also told him to shut up and be reasonable!], this group fits into the PURE evil group. However, there are few very evil customers around, which leads my on to...

...Examples of the 'bad' customers are more plentiful and good customers can easily turn bad depending on their mood. Thats the bad thing with service jobs, you're basically the scapegoat of people's emotions, as food and emotions go hand in hand. I actually recently experienced a bad customer yesterday at work. This woman always always complains, she's a regular but this is probably the 6th time she's complained and she still comes back. and its always the same unreasonable complaint: 'The dish is not hot enough, you did put a little extra chilli like i asked for, but no i don't like it, take it back, i want a refund' it;s the 6th time she;s done this, so Im pretty annoyed, Im not sure if it's true or not, her complaint or she's just taking me for a fool. If its not hot enough, Put your own damn hot sauce on it! And then she has the audacity to report to my manager, also my mother that i was talking behind her back when i was telling my colleague about her problem. She always always complains and i can't take it anymore, the woman has serious problems, its like she's put on earth to annoy me. If you know its not hot enough by the 6th time, PUT YOUR OWN DAMN FUCKING HOT SAUCE ON IT. >.<

Other examples of bad customers are those that do a runner. I'm not dissing the no smoking in restaurant rule, because i do like the fact that i don't end up smelling like an ashtray anymore, but once you let them loose to have their cigerette, some just end up doing a runner. thats just low.

I've got everything off my chest, I was seriously pissed at some customers on saturday [not to their face of course!]

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Krib said...

By who these customers were raised O_o ? My parents taught me to be polite and respectful, but these people were certainly not taught that...or they just want a free meal :/