Tuesday, 7 April 2009

sheet mask review

I recently bought some MISSHA sheet masks from a seller on soompi. =) and I finally got to try them today.

I only tried the green tea one which claims to give you clearer and brighter skin by reducing dark coloured skin.[dead cells]

I forgot to take before photos, BUT THEY REALLY WORK. my skin feels clearer and softer. =) Its better than any other sheet mask i used [I bought a stack from watsons in hong kong last summer. =]


after picture, no makeup

Oh yes. I realised, I got a whole bunch of dhc skincare samples at home. so if any of you want to try out a dhc skincare sample, comment belowww!

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Ahleessa said...

I'm glad to hear everything is done and over with... hehe~ I hope everything went well! :)

The mask sounds so refreshing and hydrating... wheee~

I don't think anybody wants to buy the things I make... hehe~ If people want it and willing to buy it, I'll make them one. :)