Saturday, 16 May 2009

Benefit Coralista!

I was in fenwicks browsing through some makeup products before i got on the coach home and I saw the benfit counter and BAM! I couldn't help myself, the packaging was soo cute, I wanted to buy more, like the lemon-aid and the high beam but i stopped myself, because i hadn't actually read any reviews on either of those two products and I desperately needed a blusher. I have so much makeup, but y'know what? I only have 2 blushers including Benfit coralista! I shoulda got the high beam too, I desperately need a highlighter, I'm using a white eyeshadow atm which does it's job, but think what a proper facial highlighter would do *_*.

Gah! I was looking through mac products and I really wanted to get the lip erase [I saw it on Mona's blog] and THEY DON'T SELL IT. =( I should've gone for a consultation on skintype too, I don't actually know my NC shade. =) [and buy a MAC rose blusher- dammit why didn't i think of that!]

How cute is the packaging ^^


Oh, and my soompi order came through the mail. My brother and I LOVE sheet masks. We went on a epic haul and bought like 20 sheet masks all together. Yeah, you heard right, my brother! He's 16 and used to have really bad acne and so we dragged him to the shiseido and clinique counters and he has no acne now! so now he's a self confessed brand whore and has a skincare regime. He's straight! haha.

These sheetmasks are from MISSHA [Korean brand] and they're really good, They actully do the job better than the normal ones we got from watsons in hong kong. I have the pomegranate which gives you animated skin; The lemon for sheer skin, gets rid of the sebum; the greentea for clear skin; and aloe vera for moisturised skin. =)


Here's a peek into my travel sized weekend makeup bag! [I don't bring skincare home, I have a whole bunch of dhc sample boxes to use ^^ and a second bottle of shiseido toner,moisturisers at home-so organised!][and i nick my mother's tinted moisturiser haha]


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izumi said...

i love your bag :) it's so cute!! and i have MAC's creme d'nude.. it works like lip erase for me. of course i'm a nc35-37 so i have no idea if it'd be the same but you could always go and swatch it :)

ning * star said...

oh... same as my bf but he will never join me to buy skincare items. haha xD
so many missha, do u like it? I have the aloe,cucumber and acelora but I haven't try any of it yet.

mzkrystall said...

that benefit blush is freakin beautiful. LOL i love peachy-coraly blushes

Jamilla Camel said...

Totally agree with you on Benefit Coralista--I like it better than Nars Orgasm!

AbcGrrrL said...

Everyone raves about the Benefit's coralista blush. It looks really pretty :)

Your brother is so cute with his skin care regimen. My bf recently started "borrowing" (I call it "using") my skincare stuff. It's so cute that guys actually care! They should!!

:) said...

I've been eyeing that benefit coralista >.<

:) said...
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em said...

I want coralista so bad!! I really like your makeup bag too- it's really pretty!

Old Cow said...

I love peachy blushes!!!! But I am being strong......not going to get this one!!

Well - I must TRY!