Monday, 4 May 2009

Body butters. REVIEW

I adore body moisturisers, or as they're known nowadays as body butters. [surprisingly, they're both british brands haha!]
I have quite a collection

Here's the few that make my all time favourite list

1) SOAP & GLORY The Righteous Butter with shea and aloe vera
Comments: I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVEE the packaging, its pink, it's kitsch and its a massive massive tub of divine smelling moisturiser. The product itself is a little bit denser than body butters but it's really good. after a night's sleep, my legs were immediately smoother and nice to touch. it's aimed at people with extremely dry skin, this is similar to the body shop's brazil nut? [I think it is anyways] body butter, but it smells a little bit nicer. I can't get enough of this stuff. You can also buy it at target if you're in the states/ or shopper's drugmart in canada. I got mine from boots and probably their website: when they get it up and running. It's a british brand that worth checking outtt

Rating: 6/5 stars =)

2)BodyShop Body butters

Comments: I'm a hugggeee fan of The bodyshop as it's a british franchise, and it makes me proud of being british. haha. But also because they're not cheap drug store based and they're not too high end, which is great for a student budget! I currently have the Pink grapefruit and strawberry body butters and they're both very very good. I'm actually not liking the strawberry, it's too sickly sweet. I've used up like 95% of the pink grapefruit. I love it THAT much. The body butters melt into your skin, are really really light and are great for hands too. However, I always like the smaller gift size pots and they don't seem to sell them individually, the only ones you can get are the fat-ass massive ones which for me, is too much to carry around. I don't want to buy the gifts just for the body butter either. so that lowers its rating for me, but it does do the job wonderfully as a body butter.

Rating: 4.5/5

10 Golden Nuggets:

M said...

i have a tub of it here, the body shop one, and it smells yummmo!

Ahleessa said...

I love The Body Shop Body Butter. I think it melts like butter on my skin... hehe~

ning * star said...

bodyshop items smell really nice, but the price is sort of " jack up " in Malaysia. I'm not sure how's other Malaysian think about it, but i do like some of the smell. I love your body butters xD though I didn't try any of them. it just sound yummy for me xD

Yin said...

Mona: they are incredibly yummy, those bodyshop butters. is the price about the same in the states in comparison to the UK?

Ahlessa: YupYup, this post was inspired by your body shop butter reviews. =)

Ning*star: Really, everytime i go back to malaysia, i never see a bodyshop! ah, you should try some!

AbcGrrrL said...

YAY for soap and glory! Gotta pick it up next time I goto Target :)

fuzkittie said...

Looks cool!

Jaime Dollaga said...

hmm soap and glory you say? I think I might check it out. I believe the last time i saw some was at target or ulta. I am in need of some body butter for my ashy knees. great post!

ps: you are lovely!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Hello, you've got yourself a new follower :)

& OMG, I absolutely LOVE the Body Shop's body butters! <3

Anastacia said...

The products looks so cool! Very cute package! :D

make me beautiful said...

Another London Blogger!!! Pleased to find you! xx