Sunday, 17 May 2009


sigh, I hate working weekends, I miss all the good tv. =)
I really wanted to use my benefit blush again =) so here it goes, I'm still not all that keen on the brush for the blush, it's a little wide for my cheekbones. =( ah well. I'm definately getting the lemon aid and high beam =). But won't be anytime soon, I gotta fork out £600 from my loan for my house deposit for next term. I hate contracts. I really do, half the time, they don't really benefit us IN ANY WAY.

Here's my fotd for work, was in a rush. ^^

Shiseido the skincare moisturiser [tinted]
Shiseido Kohl eyeliner Black
Estee Lauder sumptous mascara
The Body shop pink grapefruit lipbalm
Benefit coralista Blush.

here's the hair i wore to work. It's a cute updo =)
birds eye view

Also, I think UK needs a pat on the back for coming 5th this year in the eurovision with 173 points, which is more points than the last 6 years put together. =) I reckon the fact that two gay men, graham norton and andrew lloyd webber being there must have scared the viewers. No one wants to see ALW's tantrums. =D. It's ironic that the year i don't watch eurovision, it gets spectacular results. LOL. I was out serving customers that think chinese restaurants serve indian curry samosas and getting huffy with me. Oh, the ignorance.

6 Golden Nuggets:

ning * star said...

your hair is so shiny!

Chomsiri said...

i hate working on a weekend too! takes away all the happy hours! cute hair do!

AbcGrrrL said...

I agree with ningstar- how do you get your hair so shiny?!!

Jamilla Camel said...

Your hair is so shiny and pretty!

I know what you mean about working weekends--I travel on weekends all the time for work, and it really does wear you out!

Where do you work that your customers are so ignorant!?

Yin said...

Chomsiri: Thanks

Nlingstar/abcgrl: I don't really have a haircare regime. I just wash my hair with cold water at the end. =)

Jamilla: I helping out/working at my parents restaurant in south east london. =)

fuzkittie said...

Your skin tone is sooo nice~ :] Lovely hair, and the cheek color is pretty! Or is it your natural flush?